Rae’s Rules to Remember #16: Black Girls Rock

A little while ago, someone that I once considered a friend posted that she was upset that First Lady Michelle Obama attend BET’s Black Girls Rock celebration last year. She posted a picture of the event with the caption, “This isn’t fair. Why can’t all girls rock?” (Hmm…that sounds awfully familiar…kind of like the responses the #BlackLivesMatter). Of course people start commenting and she goes on to add that as the First Lady of the United States, it was unfair of Michelle Obama to support this, and that people would be outraged if there were a “White Girls Rock”

Let’s start with caption. Where did it say that white, Latina, Asian, middle eastern, Native American and all the other girls in the world didn’t rock? It didn’t. Of course, most people don’t want to acknowledge that fact.

As far as Michelle Obama’s attendance and support….well… it just so happens that she is a black woman. She also has two black daughters, so of course she is going to this. Of course, she is going to show her daughters that they can love themselves just the way they are. Just because she supported this event, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t support women (and men) of other races/ethnicities.

One thing that this girl was right about, was that there WOULD be outrage if there was a “White Girls Rock” because white girls don’t need to be reminded of it. Most white girls don’t know how it feels to constantly be told that they’re not good enough, that they don’t look the part, that they don’t belong, that they are not a part of the norm, and that they are less than, all because of something that they can’t control. And if they have experienced any of that based solely on the color of their skin, I can almost  guarantee that most of them did not experience it as often as women of color.

The bottom line here is that she was pissed because she saw an event that didn’t include her. NEWSFLASH!! This is what we live through every single day of our lives, so get the fuck over it. Everything is not about you. You constantly see yourself represented in books, in movies, on TV,  and never have to think twice about it. Stop trying to minimize an event that is intended to lift up an underrepresented group (that you have the luxury to not be a part of) and check your fucking privilege.

We would not need Black Girls Rock if you actually started giving a damn about us and our needs. So until then……Black Girls Rock. WE FUCKING ROCK!

I would apologize for all the F-bombs but it wouldn’t be sincere.

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