Movie Review: Allegiant

This will be a short review because it has been forever since I read Allegiant but I went to see the movie on Saturday

So if you don’t know already, the book Allegiant is being split into two. The second half will be called Ascendant which I think is pretty interesting.

As I said I can’t really remember much of the book because it was a while ago. Either way I thought that the movie was pretty good and much better than the Insurgent movie which I hated. I was talking about it with a friend and we were trying to remember what had changed but we really couldn’t remember much


~If you haven’t read the book, here’s your spoiler alert~

So we didn’t get to the part where we meet George yet but I just need you to know that I went through ALL the feels when Tori died! Like okay Veronica Roth the ending is hard enough you didn’t have to kill Tori without letting her at least see George. Hell, she could have died in his arms and it would’ve been better than them not seeing each other ever again.

I hate Peter so much, he is such a snake. Honestly, if he had died somewhere along the way I would’ve been okay with that. Aside from Peter, Caleb is the most hated character in this series for me. You sold out your baby sister and then begged her to save you. How pathetic. And I know that Tris is Abnegation and all but she should have let him die. Afterall, he was going to do it to her.

I also don’t like Evelyn. She’s been hiding all this time and running the factionless so you would think that she’s smart but….not really. The way that they drew the parallels between her and Jeanine is interesting as well.

I think that the cut off point was pretty good but this ending needs to be spectacular. At the end of the day the best part of this movie was Theo James 😉

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  1. transhaan says:

    Omg I didnt know it was splitting in two ! :O And yes I agree with Theo James ahhaha altho I think Im gonna wait for the DVD to watch it haha 😀

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