Why I can’t stand Taylor Swift

I already know that a lot of people will probably disagree with me here but I’ve never been a fan and that will not change because you disagree with me. If you want to share your opinion please do so but otherwise, let’s agree to disagree


She’s not that great a singer – Yeah, I said it. She has gotten better from when she first started but I still don’t think she can sing. She performed on some award show once and she sounded absolutely terrible. Clearly, I have an unpopular opinion here and she has sold millions but again, that’s my opinion

She’s a hypocrite – She tries to put on this front about how she’s a feminist and completely for all women all the time but have you ever watched her videos or listened to her lyrics? For one thing, in her videos all of the “villians” are brunette which in turn makes her seem like the perfect girl next door. Sure maybe that’s a small, insignificant detail but it’s definitely a trend that she has

. In her video for “You Belong With Me” she is 1. trying to steal another girl’s boyfriend 2. claims that the only reason the other girl has him is because she wears short skirts and is cheer captain. Contradicting to the “all women, all the time” image? I think so. Come to think of it, a lot of her songs are about her being at war with another girl, like in “Better Than Revenge.” She was also accused of slut-shaming in this song when she said “She’s an actress but she’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress” I’m just saying that there is a bit of a discrepancy between the image she wants to uphold and the songs that she writes. Maybe most are from personal experience but all? I doubt it

She uses people for songs – In an interview she was asked if she ever felt bad writing songs about her ex’s to which she responded “I have had a guy say, as we were breaking up, ‘You better not write a song about this.’At which point, I proceeded to write an entire album about it.” I think it’s kind of rude to take people and turn them into something to profit from.

Let’s be honest, as much as she tries to claim that she will never reveal who her songs are about and as much as she tried to deny it, it’s safe to say that Dear John is about John Mayer. That’s a prediction that you could make just from the lyrics of the song  and what people say about him in general. He’s not the greatest person, but she knew that when she started dating him. As far as Joe Jonas goes, she tried to make people feel bad for her by saying that he dumped her in 27 seconds, but she was the one that ended the call so who’s fault is that. Yeah its crappy to break up with someone in a phone call but she blew that whole thing out of proportion.

She is a white feminist – Many people pride her on being a feminist but don’t realize that her definition of feminism has no intersectionality (which is what white feminism is – feminism that only supports white, cisgender, heterosexual, able bodied, white women). Granted, that that was what the feminist movement started out as, it’s 2016 and people need to start understanding the importance of intersectionality in all movements. (If you need more clarification, click here)

Even I didn’t realize this about her until her ridiculous Twitter “feud” with Nicki Minaj. Disclaimer *I can’t stand Nicki Minaj so the fact that I’m defending her says a lot* So to give background, Nicki was upset that “Anaconda” was not nominated for Video of the Year (I believe it was for the MTV Awards). Also, as much as I hate the song, I think that it should have been nominated because it broke records. Anyway, Minaj felt that race and body image played a part in the reason that she was not nominated and she was pissed at MTV. When she tweeted about it, Taylor Swift somehow thought that it was about her…

Now in case you’re not convinced, Nicki goes on to say that women of color influence pop culture too and that she would have been nominated if she were a different “kind” of artist. (none of that was directed at Taylor, it was just her voicing her frustration)

Anyway, the problem here is 1. Taylor Swift was selfish enough to assume that this was about her. 2. She tries to accuse Nicki Minaj of doing something that was never intended, 3. she says “maybe one of the men took your slot” which has nothing to do with anything and 4. She doesn’t see that for Minaj, this was about not getting credit as a woman of color and a female rapper.

Swift later apologized.


So there, these are the reasons that I do not and will never like Taylor Swift. Like I said, you don’t have to like it, but there it is.

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21 Responses to Why I can’t stand Taylor Swift

  1. Cheyanne says:


    A few of her songs are pretty catchy and I can appreciate them on face value for what they are. But that’s about it.


  2. Oh my god I’m so offended!!!!! haha just kidding- I do like Taylor Swift’s music, but I don’t care if other people do. I’ll even admit that she doesn’t have the best voice- I think it’s fine but not the best I’ve ever heard- I just like the music she writes anyway. But I do get what you’re saying about using people for her songs- it’s actually not very nice. I mean using people and events as inspiration is fine, most people do- but she leaves deliberate clues so it’s obvious- and if that wasn’t bad enough, actually spells out their names in her lyric books. Not cool.
    I hear what you’re saying about the Nikki Manaj stuff- cos as much as I hate Anaconda, it should’ve been nominated if it broke records. But I do think that Nikki’s tweet was very pointed at Taylor Swift- cos she was clearly talking about the nominees- so since that’s only a handful of people, Swift had the right to assume she was talking about her (among other people). I also think she didn’t have to put it quite the way she did. For instance, Idris Elba should’ve been nominated for an oscar- but it would’ve been rude to imply that other nominees didn’t deserve their nomination (eg if he said “If you’re a white actor that’s had a long theatre career…”- making a pointed remark about Mark Rylance) That said, Taylor Swift should’ve left Minaj to vent on her own.
    Sorry getting carried away- I enjoyed this post- gave me a lot of food for thought 🙂

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  3. HT says:

    I’m glad to hear you feel this way. I find some of her stuff catchy, but in terms of personality, she is definitely not the gracious queen she pretends to be. Her lyrics constantly slut-shame, and TSwift tends to display her white feminist insensitivity in her songs too (the twerking and pulling shocked faces as she did it in Shake It Off, for instance, like, why did you include that if it was so “scandalous” to your pure, chaste self?). And Wildest Dreams, the music video, was basically just about white people doing rich people things in African savannas.

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    • Some of her stuff is definitely catchy but then it becomes incredibly overplayed. And yeah, I read an article about Shake it Off and Wildest Dreams and I couldn’t agree more that it doesn’t match the image she wants to have


  4. I don’t know about your other reasons (I don’t read about her beliefs enough, etc.), but I do agree that she’s very overrated. I don’t think she’s a very good singer.

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  5. carlalouise89 says:

    As you know, I love Taylor Swift! But it really doesn’t bother me if you (or someone else) doesn’t like her 🙂

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  7. Sabaah says:

    Not to mention her fans went after Michael J. Fox and she not once ever told them to stop. Nor did she ever apologize for their behavior. Plus she says she doesn’t need a man, but jumps from relationship to relationship. How is this a good role model? As a brunette, I also take offense at her portraysl 9f us as sluts.


  8. linda says:

    i’m feeling offended when she slut shaming another woman and i think to myself: this is it. its my limit. no more swift.

    1. she humiliate brunette actress by calling her prostitute good at bed, and angry when she does the same and called the same. what goes around comes around. u dont bully people and think you could get away with it by potray yourself as victim here.

    2. liar. she said to kanye write whatever you like then got angry. what does whatever you like means then?

    3. do harry, katy, john, camilla, jake, lautner, etc approve to be included in her narrative

    4. only man knows better what it feels like messed up woman who too young to be messed up.

    5. sue teenage woman for a money. taylor sue too much. what is wrong with her lawyer

    6. harris claim she control the media. well, lets say she shove the media enough money since she is rich and give death treat if you dont

    7. the first feminist who promotes girl gang fight, apparently girls who killing each other, and slut shaming another woman

    im not feminist but its not cool to slut shaming woman. im going to quote her : there is a special place on hell for woman who dont help another camilla belle katy perry in hell

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    • I agree. I was talking to someone about this just the other day. As a feminist I don’t want her to associate herself with that title because everything she does is the opposite of feminism. I’ve never liked her music anyway but now I have a hard time believing that she’s a good person


  9. Idontwearahat. says:

    That Nikki Minaj thing was crazy, that really made me change my mind on Swift. She tries to have a good image but some of the lyrics to her songs are really bitchy. Catchy songs, she has a knack for those admittedly.

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  11. I always wondered what her deal was. It’s like every week she was on a celebrity magazine cover in a feud with someone else, and/or she’d be dating someone and then be all “oh, you just wanna borrow my celebrity and I want to keep our relationship low key.” uh…who’s in the celebrity covers all the time? Who travels with an entourage? I don’t bother keeping up because I’m annoyed with celebrity culture.

    And I keep wondering, when it comes to these feuds, what the connecting element is. Oh, wait. It’s HER! I can’t help but feel she’s become one of those celebrities that if the spotlight strays off her even a little she’ll start some crap just to make it zing back to her. Who are the people around her telling her that “any publicity is good publicity?” Now, maybe not all the celebs she dated were “good guys” or “good boyfriends,” but I gotta admit–for their sakes–that I’m glad most of them weren’t dragged along with her bullshit when she’d be feuding. I can think of a few who would never have deserved it. Maybe that’s why she dumped them, or they dumped her, who knows? (hee-hee).

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    • Hahaha seriously! And she’s a huge hypocrite. With the Nicki Minaj thing she says “it’s not like you to put women against each other” but then she writes a song trashing Katy Perry. Don’t actually know what the deal between the two of them is but I don’t like Perry either so I don’t really care.
      She apparently loves drama and I just think that when you’re almost 30 you should’ve grown up a few years ago

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