Rae’s Rules to Remember #10: Consent is Given Not Taken

This video of Amber Rose talking to Tyrese and Rev Run keeps popping up so if you haven’t already seen it, you can check it out below.

There is NO WAY that you can watch that video and claim that rape culture does not exist. This is exactly what’s wrong with society (one of the many things really). The fact that anyone could believe that they have the right to someone else’s body because they like the way it looks is ridiculous. Yes, I know that it’s not all men and sadly, sometimes it is women too. It really sickens me that people continue to think this way and that celebrities perpetuate this behavior.

In the video, Tyrese tries the say that a man’s need to grope a woman stems from a “signal” between the man and the woman…that is absolute bullshit and is really just trying to make the excuse that men can’t control themselves. I repeat…BULLSHIT!

And for Rev Run to say “dress how you want to be addressed” that’s also bullshit. I find it very attractive when men wear suits, but does that men that I can just walk up to them and rip of their suit? NO. Why? Because it’s not the right thing to do, and because it is unacceptable. The same goes for a woman in the club wearing a tight dress or short skirt. Unless someone tells you that they want to have sex with you, you do not get to make the assumption that they do. And let’s not forget that Rev Run has THREE DAUGHTERS and the oldest two don’t always dress modestly….

As Amber Rose said, it does not matter how far you take it. If one second you’re all for it and then you change your mind, that means no. If you are hot and heavy and in the moment and then you decide to stop, that means no. If you are 2 seconds away from having sex and you suddenly realize that it’s not what you want, that means no. No means no whether you like it or not. And you do not have to physically say no in order to mean it.

For anyone who still needs a little clarification, I leave you with this video:

Moral of the Story: You don’t have the “right” to another human being. No will always be no


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7 Responses to Rae’s Rules to Remember #10: Consent is Given Not Taken

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  2. wwwpalfitness says:

    I’d say this is funny but it isn’t. What’s funny is that it has to be spelled out. More importantly this may not be a guy she wasn’t into a day before and vice versa. But with both sexes yesterday does not equal today. If I need to sleep, no is no. This for sone is a one time error and for some this is their norm as they don’t understand no is no even if he or she is wearing a shirt that reads I said yes before so it always applies. At the end of the day even if they own the company that made the shirt and sell the crap out of it wearing it and living that way yesterday does not mean they’re living it today.

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