This or That? (Conclusion)

Hey, Happy Friday. Not that this matters but this is actually a scheduled post because I’m working at a conference but anyway….

This week we discussed whether or not we like and use audiobooks and 80% of us do not 😦 Although I said no this time, I’m going to try Audible and anything else that I can find but for now, I am not a fan.

As always thank you everyone who participated this week, I love having new friends join in: Emma @ EmDoesBookReviews,  LolsysLibrary and Lara @ KatnissPotterBookLover. Make sure you check out all of their posts this week because they are all awesome!

Alright guys that’s all for now. Remember that if you ha e any suggestions for topics to discuss, let me know 🙂

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5 Responses to This or That? (Conclusion)

  1. So glad you brought up this topic. I don’t have much of an opportunity to listen to audiobooks since I don’t have a long commute anymore (thank goodness–well, it was a clnscious choice, less pay but also less stress), and our family doesn’t take many road trips. However, recently someone mentioned that The Diviners by Libba Bray was really fun as an audiobook, so I want to see if the second book in is series available as an audiobook. I remembered thinking as I read The Diviners that the story was written in a very cinematic way–seems like an especially good fit for audiobook enjoyment.

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  2. Ahh I still can’t get into audio books either- I guess I’m one of the 80%

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