Is anybody else watching this? I am so unimpressed. I already am not a fan of Keke Palmer or Vanessa Hudgens so there’s that. The only good things about VH being Rizzo is that she can do the walk.

I’m also not a fan of Danny or Sandy. Julianne Hough can sing but im still not impressed. At this point I’m only leaving it on to hear the songs…..oh well. They tried.


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15 Responses to #GreaseLive

  1. I’m not too impressed either 😦

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  2. But! I’m impressed that Vanessa is still doing this considering her dad just died.

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  3. I like it, though Julianne can’t act at all

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  4. I just finished watching it and actually really liked it, though a few things bothered me. While I’m very happy that they included a more diverse cast, there are some things that they tried way too hard to make politically correct. For example, you KNOW they only made Eugene I believe it is, help with the car to bring about a positive message that intelligent people can help those who are considered “cool” and that they should work together. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great message, but I think they tried too hard to make it politically correct. Also, they took out the part about no couple of the same sex dancing (I think that part added humor in the original movie, not because it was against homosexuality, but just because it was supposed to be funny). So, while I’m happy about the diversity of the cast, I felt some things were just trying to “send a message” and the live version was just trying too hard.

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    • I see where you’re coming from but I honestly didn’t even think about it and I don’t really think that people will pick up on those changes. Obviously I noticed that the cast was more diverse but I think that’s a really good thing. I also don’t think its about being politically correct but about not being offensive especially since the movie is so popular. I didn’t pick up on the Eugene thing as a strategic move

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  6. Meg Griffin says:

    I super love Aaron Tveit, so him alone was enough for me. I also loved the Original Dooby and Frenchy being there (and coming out in their original coats in the end!) I think the rain might have hurt the performance a little bit. Hudgens definitely did great, especially given what she’s going through personally. I actually really loved her Rizzo solo.

    It wasn’t the movie, sure, but I still enjoyed it. It was silly and light, and frequently that’s just needed. But the group I watched it with were divided about if it was good or not.

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  7. Aw! I totally wanted to see this, but I had to work. *sigh* Granted, I was VERY disappointed when I saw that Vanessa Hudgeons was playing Rizzo. Like way to murder the character Rizzo. Ugh!

    On the other hand, I’m a Julianne Hough fan. However, I can’t quite say whether she’d make a good Sandy or not. *really disappointed I didn’t get to see this* IF it’s online somewhere, please tell me!!

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