Friends TV Review

This is gonna be a super quick review but, I finally finished watching Friends today! Yes, I am just now watching the entire series now. It was definitely time well spent.

Here’s how I feel about the characters:

Rachel: Surprisingly she was one of my favorites until the end. Once you get past the over privileged rich girl thing, she’s not that bad.

Monica: Funny sometimes but also a little overbearing.

Ross: I hate him. He is just as pathetic and annoying as Ted in How I Met Your Mother. Not sorry. Other people may find this sweet but the fact that he told Rachel not to go to Paris was ridiculous and extremely selfish. If you love someone, you don’t make them give up their dream job.

Joey: I kind of hate him too. At the beginning he was stupid funny but then it just got annoying.

Phoebe: She’s pretty funny, strange but really funny.

Chandler: He might be my overall favorite. He’s pretty funny and I didn’t get annoyed with him often

Overall it was really good but I hated the ending. It was just as bad as HIMYM when they made Ted and Robin get back together. Ross should’ve either let Rachel go or went to Paris with her… Either way the whole series gets 4/5!



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9 Responses to Friends TV Review

  1. ahh I liked the ending- but I see what you mean about going to paris! I hated the end of HIMYM though- gah!! This post made me so nostalgic btw

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  2. I enjoyed reading your review =d How long did it take you to go through the whole series? My close girlfriends and I all joke which “Friend” we’re most like, I’m Phoebe,lol. I also just tell myself that Ross and Rachael did eventually go back to Paris,lol

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    • Thank you! I started over the summer but stopped watching to watch 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and that took a while. If I had watched straight through it probably would have been maybe 4.5 months maybe (I watched a lot over winter break)

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  3. So, Friends is my favorite TV show of all time, so I’m a little biased, but I LOVE Friends. My least favorite character is Phoebe. Don’t get me wrong, I like her, she’s just my least favorite. I agree with you that Ross is an idiot! I never really liked him, he cheated on Rachel (though she did say they were on a break-he claimed he loved her and yet he rushed to sleep with the nearest woman). I love Chandler and he’s my favorite guy. Rachel’s actually my favorite out of the girls and then of course, Monica!

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