The Random Tag

Huge thank you to Kaytlyn @ The Bohemian Bookworm for the tag! This looks like a lot of fun so let’s get started!

  1. What is your favorite food? Chicken Tikka Masala! It’s an Indian dish of chicken in a spicy tomato sauce served over basmati rice. I get it from this little restaurant near campus and it is to die for!
  2. What are you having for dinner tonight? I have no idea. Now that I’m home for break I get home cooked meals again, that I don’t have to make woohoo! But my mom is still at work so I don’t know what she plans to make.
  3. Who is the last person you emailed? My boss I’m pretty sure.
  4. What sports do you play? I currently don’t play sports but I used to play tennis, basketball, and lacrosse. Lacrosse was my favorite
  5. Do you play any musical instruments? Nope. I have a guitar, I just don’t know how to play it…
  6. Do you have any pet peeves? Rude, inconsiderate people who only care about themselves

Well that was definitely random lol

Tag you’re it!

Yup, you. Anyone who want’s to complete this tag 🙂


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Hi! I'm Rae. 26 Book Blogger. Booktuber. Gryffinclaw. Coffee & Tea Lover.
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7 Responses to The Random Tag

  1. I think I’ll answer these on here

    1.) Eggplant!
    2.) I had pizza
    3.) My dad
    4.) None
    5.) No.
    6.) Yes! I hate when in stories, movies, or shows something happens and it ends up being “all a dream”! I also hate when my mom waters down soap and when you go to use it, it’s all water and no suds! What’s the point? I also hate my anxiety, so I guess that can count as well.

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  2. vrushali21 says:

    Awesome! I’m an Indian so you can guess how many timea I eat chicken tikka masala! Great post! 😀

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