Book Review: Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour

Two books down  🙂 It really feels good to be reading again!

I just finished Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson.

Goodreads Description:

Amy Curry is not looking forward to her summer. Her mother decided to move across the country and now it’s Amy’s responsibility to get their car from California to Connecticut. The only problem is, since her father died in a car accident, she isn’t ready to get behind the wheel. Enter Roger. An old family friend, he also has to make the cross-country trip – and has plenty of baggage of his own. The road home may be unfamiliar – especially with their friendship venturing into uncharted territory – but together, Amy and Roger will figure out how to map their way.

This book had a bit of a slow start for me but I actually ended up loving it!

Before I actually get into the story….THERE ARE PICTURES! and playlists, and cute little scrap booking excerpts. I don’t know about you, but that’s definitely a good reason for me to give the book a chance.

Let’s start with Amy. I have to admit that I enjoyed her journey of rediscovering herself and definitely like her much more at the end of the book then at the beginning. I also enjoyed her interpretation of her alter ego Amy! In reality though I would probably hate Amy! because she sounds like one of those perfect people that never has a bad day. I you never have a bad day then I start to think that you might just be a robot…

Roger seems like a wonderful person but his attachment to his ex-girlfriend was kind of annoying. There was nothing in the entire book that made it seem like this girl was a good person, let alone a good girlfriend. I get that he did deserve an explanation for why she ended it, but honestly if I were dating someone that horrible and uninterested in our relationship, then I would just be grateful that I dodged a bullet. Other than that, I think his adventurer thing is kinda cool.

I really, really hated Amy’s mother after she called to tell her the truth and then she shut of her credit card. Sure, she didn’t follow directions and she won’t get to you on time, but you basically stranded her in a place that she doesn’t know because she decided to do something a little crazy for once in her life. Meanwhile, her mother has been letting Charlie do whatever he wants for years. In my personal opinion (because I’ve seen how this goes) parents should not choose favorites. I honestly think that if you choose favorites among your children then it kind of makes you less of a good parent…

As far as Roger and Amy’s relationship…saw that coming from a mile away.  From the end of the first chapter to be exact, when the first thing that she points out is how attractive he is, and that it makes the trip complicated. But to be completely honest, I do like them together.

I did have questions at the end though. What happens when Amy reunites with her mother? Will Charlie have to stay at Promises Kept longer because Amy broke in? Do Amy and Roger make their relationship official? What happens when Roger goes back to Colorado?

I guess I’ll never know.


Overall, I give this book 3.5/5 stars. Next I will be starting The Truth about Forever by Sarah Dessen


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