This or That? #15

Hello and Happy Monday,

In honor of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 coming out this weekend, our challenge this week is….


The Hunger Games



So if you’ve only read the books, go ahead and comment. If you’ve only seen the movies….still comment! If you’ve only read one. what did you think of it?!


As tragic and scary as the world in this series is…. I love it. And as I mentioned in my very first This or That (Gale vs Peeta) I’m totally happy with the ending ❤

I also just like Katniss more than I like Tris (I was going to make that a separate challenge but just add your opinion to your comment/post). Tris is too reckless for me and I’m STILL pissed about the ending of Allegiant. Katniss is more real, she’s a character that I can relate to. I am so excited to go see the movie on Friday (for FREE #PerksofBeingAStudentLeader) and I will post a movie review after.

Which one is it guys? Hunger Games or Divergent? Katniss or Tris? Can’t wait to hear from you 🙂


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14 Responses to This or That? #15

  1. _giovanna says:

    Hunger Games for the win!
    I’ve only read the first book in the Divergent Trilogy, and I do like the movies, but I’m kind of annoyed by the fact that Divergent seems to just be a mix up of all the ideas from popular book series that came before it.

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  2. Hunger Games!!! I just love the trilogy too much as it was my first dystopian read.

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  3. I have not read either of the series!! My mom is debating if I can read the hunger game series and the divergent series. I hope I do get to read them. I am missing all of the fun!!!=(

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  5. Definitely The Hunger Games! Divergent got bad at the end for me, THG stayed strong through all three! Plus I like the crew in THG waaaaaaay better than in Divergent 🙂

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  8. Haven’t read The Hunger Games. But I really enjoyed the Divergent trilogy. And I think that ending pissed everyone. I thought by now she would have written an alternative ending. I guess Tris’ recklessness played to the part that she’s was divergent. Almost untouchable.
    As for the movies, I’ve enjoyed all The Hunger Games movies. As for Divergent, if you asked me last year I would have said I enjoyed it. But when I compare book Tris and movie Tris, I don’t movie Tris does book Tris justice. Even in the first chapter of Divergent, there was something fearless about Tris. But I must say I hope part two of Allegiant is going to be an ending we’ve all being craving.

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