Inside Out Book Tag!

The lovely Charley from bookandbakes nominated me for this tag! Thanks a million ❤ and unfortunately I still haven’t seen the movie but I have heard good things about it!

A book that brings you joy        p&p

I have been saying this for months now but I just love P&P! It’s such a great story with such a great ending and I love it

A book that makes you angry

The_Fault_in_Our_Stars I hate this book with a burning passion because I’m tired of people claiming that they know what it’s like to lose a loved one to cancer because of it, Unless you’ve experienced it in real life, then no you can’t relate.   

A book that makes you sad



I read this book years ago and just thinking about it still makes me sad. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it

A book that disgust you


This book made me angry for a lot of reasons.

A book that brings you fear


This book really shows how crazy some people are and its pretty scary

Sorry I changed the format in the middle of it, but it wasn’t cooperating. I tried fixing it multiple times and I don’t have the patience for it right now. I’m not tagging anyone because it takes a lot of time and I need to catch up on tags. If you want to do it please feel free and say I tagged you if you want. So I tag you (person that wants to do this tag!)


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7 Responses to Inside Out Book Tag!

  1. hermionefowl says:

    I agree with you about the Fault in Our Stars! It’s definitely not the same. I haven’t been brave enough to read My Sisters Keeper yet, because I’ve heard how heartbreaking it is. Nice tag 🙂

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  2. What a clever book tag. I can guess at least one of them, but now I’m about all the reasons that Lovely Bones disgusts you.

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    • The killer is really the only part that disgusts me but it was the first thing that I though of and although she shouldve known better she is just a little girl. It kinda pissed me off that they were never able to find him too even though karma kicked in eventually

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  3. I have always wanted to do this tag! I cant really think of a book that might scare me though……

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