This or That? #4

Happy Monday (those don’t really exist but let’s pretend)! So this weeks challenge is between…

Physical books vs eBooks

I think I know what most people will say but I think that both of these has positive features.


  •  you can pretty much fit your entire library into one small, slender device.
  • cheaper books (because you  paid for the device)
  • Instant gratification! Start reading as soon as you buy it instead of waiting for it to ship
  • adjustable font size (for when I don’t have my glasses)
  • easily portable
  • environment friendly
  • adjustable back light, so I don’t have to get up to turn the light off before going to sleep

Physical books

  • Pretty, you get to see the cover
  • I don’t know why but there is something satisfying about turning the page
  • new book smell
  • ability to interact with the book (Don’t freak out! I know that some of you think that writing in books is a crime) But I rent used textbooks for school and 90% of the time they already have been written in. On the other hand, if the textbook in brand new, I will not be the first to write in it.

So clearly ebooks have a lot of advantages but in my experience they are easily destructible. My first Kindle, I used to keep in the side pocket of my laptop case. But one day I came home and set the bag down by the couch. My youngest brother knocks the bag over AND THEN steps on it. So I go to check on it and then screen is permanently frozen.

Luckily, I still had a warranty so I got a replacement for free. I stopped keeping in my laptop case but somehow the same thing happened and the screen froze. Haven’t used a Kindle since.

With that being said, I choose physical copies although I did at one point really enjoy ebooks.

What about you? Which do you prefer, physical books or ebooks?

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10 Responses to This or That? #4

  1. Aneta says:

    This is always a hard question. I have to admit that about 80-90% of the books I read are eBooks and then if I absolutely love it I’ll buy a physical book to add to my collection 🙂

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  2. That is a hard question to answer. I like physical books better=)

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  3. koolitzable says:

    I prefer both depends on my mood..real books or ebook 😀

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  5. I actually never read this post of yours! Anyway, you obviously know which one I prefer!

    Here’s another thing I don’t get. What’s up with when you can order E-books from the library and you have to wait until they ‘come in’? They’re ONLINE BOOKS for Pete’s Sake! What are we waiting for?! It’s not like we have to wait for someone to return it to the library! It makes absolutely no sense to me at all! I’m guessing it’s just a way to control how much a person downloads?

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