This or That #3 (Conclusion)

Hey friends! Happy Friday.

So this week was a battle between hardcovers and paperbacks! With 55.5% of the votes, the winner is…..

Hardcover for the win! As I said before, I do like them but, I usually take the cover of it off while I’m reading because it annoys me. They are also usually bigger than paperbacks which is uncomfortable because I have small hands.

After talking to a good amount of fellow readers,  many of them admitted that they voted for paperback only because they are both lighter and cheaper.  So technically, hardcover has much more of the votes!

Even though I chose paperback I will agree that hardcovers are much more sturdy as well as prettier. However, as a college student I simply cannot afford the cost of beauty. 😉

That’s it for now but don’t forget to come back on Monday for another This or That Challenge!

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2 Responses to This or That #3 (Conclusion)

  1. I thought that the paperbacks were going to win=(

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