This or That? #2

Welcome back! Just like last week, I’ll give you two scenarios/characters to choose from and you can comment below or make your own post and link it back here! On Friday we’ll add up the votes and see what the results are! Also, I would love to hear any suggestions you may have!

In honor of our little love triangle last week, I’ve decided to do another one. This week it’s a battle between…

Jacob Black vs Edward Cullen

Now, we all know how this story ends and who each of them ends up with. So from Twilight to Eclipse, who were you rooting for? How did you feel about the end of Breaking Dawn? Was it a mistake? Could Bella have been happier by marrying Jacob?

I have to admit that I am, always was, and always will be #TeamEdward. That’s just the way that it’s supposed to be! Edward is the only single member of the Cullen Clan and Bella is the only human that he has trouble being around. He did also save her life…multiple times. Was it really crappy that he left her in New Moon? Of course, but in his head he really did think that he was protecting her (his brother did try to kill her). Not to mention that JACOB is the one that let Edward think that Bella was dead, which caused him to try to have himself killed by the Volturi. Jacob was just a little too childish and selfish for my liking, and if he was supposed to be with Bella, he would have imprinted on her before Renesmee. Adding Jacob to form a love triangle was really just additional drama. She wasn’t supposed to be with him… With that said, I was definitely happy with Breaking Dawn.

Where do you stand?

Edward or Jacob?

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11 Responses to This or That? #2

  1. I’ve never read or seen Twilight 😅

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  2. Oh My! I was always #TeamEdward. Upon re-reading, I understand that that relationship is weird as hell, but he was always a gentleman towards her, and really wanted her to live – even if without him. So bonus points for him.
    I never really liked Jacob much… I like him better in the movies than in the books.

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  3. Jacob never had a chance. He had fire, but Edward had destiny.

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