So disappointed..

I just had the most disappointed experience at a Barnes & Noble that I could ever have. They didn’t have any of the Shatter Me series, Red Queen or Cinder and there we only four Sarah Dessen books.

Now, maybe I just sound really bratty but what are the chances that they didn’t have any of those?! Sure they are popular books but its BARNES & NOBLE. they are supposed to have those things!!!

Okay rant over, I’m just going to order on Amazon

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11 Responses to So disappointed..

  1. pbbpb says:

    I once had a disappointing experience at Borders when there were no more Borders. ~>_<~

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  2. Maybe they were sold out? These are popular series and people buy them a lot.

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  3. Those books are HUGE. That B&N didn’t carry them was unconscionable.

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