Day 21 – First novel you remember reading

I know that in first grade I didn’t read real novels so I had to have been in second grade (I vividly remember what the library in my school looked like!) I know that I started reading A Series of Unfortunate Events then, so maybe that was it. OR maybe a book in the Dear America series. I’m not sure but it was definitely one or the other.

That’s a tough question. Can anyone think back to their first novel, or the book that got you interested in reading?

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3 Responses to Day 21 – First novel you remember reading

  1. Mary says:

    First novel? That’s a tough one… I know this wasn’t it, but I distinctly remember getting hooked on the Mary Kate & Ashley series from a young age, and it took a very determined teacher to make me stop by the time I got to junior high. And “Dear America?” Oh man, I haven’t heard anyone talk about those books in SO long. I feel so old…

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