Day 6 – A book that makes you sad


When I was in 4th grade I was really into the “Dear America” series. There are 42 books total and they are basically (fictional) diary entries of young girls during historical periods in time. I was never able to read all of them (at the time they were discontinued but relaunched in 2010) but the ones that I did read really stuck with me. The one that I remember the most is called “My Heart is on the Ground” It’s about a Native American girl during colonial times. Not only is it said that she is having her culture and traditions stripped from her, but as a 9 year old I was sad to read that her best friend was buried alive.

That is the part of the book that stuck out to me the most because I didn’t see it coming. Unfortunately, I found out much later that a lot of the book (although fictional) was historically incorrect and sugar-coated. At the time, my 9 year old self thought that it was a good read.

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