Audiobooks are….weird

I use Spotify almost everyday but had no idea that they have audiobooks! This morning I attempted to listen to The Great Gatsby but I got bored. If the words to the story were also available then I could have listened while following along. But I have a short attention span so I can’t just sit there and do nothing. The voice was fine and changes characters but I kept getting distracted or walking away.

Maybe I’ll try again some day but I need words or some other visual to keep me interested. So instead, I will start reading Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner.


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3 Responses to Audiobooks are….weird

  1. Mary says:

    I can’t get into audiobooks either. I’ve been able to tune things out when I’m trying to multitask, but then there’s always a sentence or two that distracts me back to the audiobook then I’m in a loop of wondering what I missed the last 20 minutes (granted, I tried reading/listening to “Heart of Darkness” so that might’ve been my problem). Maybe a less complicated book would be a better start?

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    • I can only imagine how tough it was to sit through Heart of Darkness! The funny thing is, Spotify has comedy show too and I can listen to those while doing other things and still pay attention. But I feel like I have to give a book my full attention and I just couldn’t.


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